Unique Vintage Farmhouse round Decorative White Tray, Wood Beaded Design

SKU: FK-0223-WRT

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Our round wooden trays are decorated with wood-beaded edging and can be used as a coastal candle holders. These wooden round trays can be as as decorative candle trays or coffee table trays.
  • It is available as a single tray, 2 tier tray, and 3 tier tray.
  • Our round wooden trays are decorated with wood beaded edging.
  • The single beaded round decorative tray has a diameter of 16" and 2" in height. The 2 tier farmhouse tray has a top that is 13.2" wide, bottom is 16" wide. The 3 tier wooden tray has a top of 11" wide, the middle tray is 13.2" wide, and the bottom tray tray is 16" wide.
  • Easy to assemble.

UPC One tiered tray White: 850031963801

UPC One tiered tray Whitewashed: 850031963832

Case pack: 6

Box dimensions: 20" X 16" X 20"


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